Turkey born photographer Cihan Öncü’s photography is a reflection of his inner world and is marked by a plain visual aesthetic; objects of daily use play the leading role in his images.  Conveying a sense of intimacy, these scenes enable us to have a glimpse at our inner worlds. These are compositions constructed on dynamic relations and on harmony among its many elements. Almost all his shots, bearing a unique color palette, point to a moment of halt which invites the viewer to feel the sound and odour. This invitation, while giving a space to the viewer’s imagination, maintains their attention. In Öncü’s works, the communication and harmony among objects and with people who are in interaction with them, fill the compositions with dynamism. As much as these shots are dynamic, joyful and playful, they also refer to a vulnerable world.

His work has also been published by W Magazine, Atmos, WSJ Magazine, Double Magazine, Document Journal.

He is currently based between NYC and Istanbul.  

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2021        Dreams and Diversions, Dirimart X Ritmo Zeytino, Bodrum Yalıkavak


2021         All Else Is Far, Dirimart, Istanbul        

2020         MamutArt, Istanbul  

2019        VogelArt, Berlin


2021       Contemporary Istanbul 

2020       Mamut Art, Istanbul


2022     I'ts Nice That, Captures moments of relaxation and reflection as people get their hair washed

2022      Fish Eye Magazine FR, l'art d'éveiller nos sens en couleurs

2021        Konbini Arts, Les visages sereins des clients de salons de coiffure immortalisés par Cihan Öncü

2021         Wepresent, ASMR

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